Infrastructure & Transportation

Why the SP 4449 Is Such a Badass Train

Meet the locomotive that just wouldn't die.

solar panels farming
Solar Panels Could Make Saltwater Safe for Farming
An ambitious project in Saudi Arabia wants to capture wasted solar h…
Boosted Rev Scooter Review
The Boosted Rev Electric Scooter Is a Blast
The first vehicle-grade electric scooter is super safe, remarkably s…
solar panels china
A Bright Future: How Solar Panels Work
A look at how one of the most important inventions in human history …
San Francisco's Massive Transit Center Reopens
The $2.2 billion terminal shut down last September when fissures wer…
Cell phone tower in colorful sunset sky
The Invisible Battle for America’s Airwaves

How a rush of new industrial IoT devices turned up the heat on a decades-old fight for spectrum.

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Why the Big Boy 4014 is Such a Badass Train
In railroad lore, one steam engine stands above the rest as the ultimate expression of American Industrial art and science. Dormant for…
server farm
An AI's Carbon Footprint Is 5 Times Bigger Than a Car's

Using brute force neural networks requires a lot of energy.

NIST kibble balance
This Weird Machine Could Be the Most Accurate Measuring System Ever

Known as a Kibble balance, it can nail down a weight to several ten thousandths of a percent.

loon balloon
How These Balloons Brought Emergency Cell Service to Peru After an 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake

Loon has helped over 20,000 people connect with each other following a recent quake.

The Day the Town Blew Up
Last fall, a sudden gas-pipeline accident destroyed dozens of homes near Boston: 141 fires, five explosions, 21 serious injuries, and o…
china maglev train proposal
China Says Its New Bullet Train Will Hit 373 mph

That would be a really fast train.

boring company las vegas
Las Vegas Is Getting a Loop from Elon Musk

The Boring Company hopes its first commercial project will emerge under the bright lights of Sin City.

How the World's First Digital Circuit Breaker Could Completely Change Our Powered World

3,000 times faster than the fastest mechanical breaker, this innovation could radically alter how we manage power.

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15 of the Most Impressive Solar Projects Powering Our World

The sun's limitless energy is all around us. We just need to harness it.

japanese alfa-x
Japan's New Bullet Train Can Hit 224 MPH

Sure, the train won't be taking passengers for at least another decade. But lord, is it fast.

An Entire 3D-Printed Neighborhood Will Be Constructed in 24 Hours

The secret project is happening in a mysterious location in Latin America.

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ai spacefactory building mars
NASA Crowns Winner in Mars Habitat Competition

The #1 design is built to keep inhabitants safe from radiation.

Here’s What $115 Million Buys You When Renovating a Cruise Ship

Super slides, dancing drones, and swanky cabanas: Inside Royal Caribbean's massive overhaul of the Navigator of the Seas.

Air conditioning units on the side of a building.
Could We Re-Engineer A/Cs To Help Battle Climate Change?

Our A/Cs are huge contributors to climate change, but scientists are trying to turn a liability into an asset.

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