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Google's Chinese Search Engine Project Is Dead

The secretive plan for a Chinese search engine has come to an end, company official says.

We Left These Rust-Proof Bikes Outside For Months
The Priority Coast is a rust-proof bike—we put that assertion to the…
Why the #FaceAppChallenge Is a Bad Idea

The #FaceAppChallenge is fun. It's also foolish.

Group of robots in Warehouse
Why You Might Find Robots Creepy
You can thank this part of your brain for your robo-induced paranoia…
We're Getting Closer to Invisibility Cloaks

Rejoice, Harry Potterheads.

Get a 4K Smart TV for More Than 50% Off Today During Amazon Prime Day

You can score TVs for cheap from brands like Samsung, TLC, and Toshiba.

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Robotic Ants Function Just Like Real Ones

The insect-like bots could aid in search-and-rescue missions.

The Fuell Fluid-1 Is What Happens When a Motorcycle Racer Makes an E-Bike

Erik Buell has raced and designed motorcycles his entire life—now he’s built a powerful, long range e-bike.

All the Best Amazon Prime Day Tech Deals to Shop (So Far)

Get yourself a new smartwatch, an Amazon Alexa device, or a 4K television.

Why the SP 4449 Is Such a Badass Train

Meet the locomotive that just wouldn't die.

Things Come Apart: Binoculars

The Maven B2 is a marvel engineering, especially once you see disassembled down to its 172 individual parts.

Why My Invention Went To Work In Medicine, Aerospace, and the CIA

An inventor applies for his first patent at 65—an update to a standard machinist’s tool.

NASA Is Building a Family of Cliff-Climbing Robots

From the LEMUR to the RoboSimian, the mountains on other worlds need exploring.

solar panels farming
Solar Panels Could Make Saltwater Safe for Farming

An ambitious project in Saudi Arabia wants to capture wasted solar heat for good uses.

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Boosted Rev Scooter Review
The Boosted Rev Is an Absolute Blast

The first vehicle-grade electric scooter is super safe, remarkably sturdy, and a technical triumph, too.

A Person Being Stalked
How to Tell If Someone Is Bugging or Tracking You

Real private investigators reveal what to do if you're being watched.

solar panels china
How Solar Panels Work (And Why They're Taking Over the World)

A look at how one of the most important inventions in human history actually works.

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The Science of Saving the Declaration of Independence

How science helped—and harmed—efforts to preserve the U.S.'s founding documents.

vibrant new years banner with  fireworks and cheering crowd
The Science Behind Your Favorite Fireworks

Be the smartest person at this year's Fourth of July barbecue.

San Francisco's Massive Salesforce Transit Center Reopens After Cracked Beam Snafu

The $2.2 billion terminal shut down last September when fissures were found in two beams.

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