How To Celebrate the Moon Landing This Weekend

You can stream the landing footage or attend one of many events across the U.S.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11

Astronaut Charles M. Duke walks us through Kennedy Space Center.

Watch SpaceX Test the Dragon Capsule's Parachute

Not the sexiest part of space travel, but one of the most crucial.

Man's First Day on the Moon
After scanning the desolate moonscape, Neil Armstrong will descend t…
The Ultimate Space Suit

The vintage Apollo moonwear is getting a major upgrade.

What It's Like to Be a Moon Landing Conspiracist in 2019
Fifty years after Apollo 11, Moon landing conspiracists remain as staunchly skeptical as ever. But does not believing today mean the sa…
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The Oral History of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The knuckle-biting story of the first lunar landing from the people who were there.

The Northern (and Southern) Lights Explained

Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis are the Earth's greatest natural light shows—here's how they work.

Google's Tribute to Apollo's Margaret Hamilton Is Larger Than Central Park

Margaret Hamilton changed software forever. Google wants to make sure you know that.

These 17 Sketches Show How the Apollo Missions Worked

Unearthed on Reddit, these space-age schematics explain the gear that took us to the Moon.

Scientists Are Arguing About Dark Matter Again

We love a feisty deep space debate, and this one is hot.

20 Facts You Didn't Know About Apollo 11

Even 50 years later, there are a few facts that have escaped common knowledge.

30 Pieces of NASA Gear to Celebrate the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

Our favorite NASA apparel and accessories for every wannabe astronaut.

Launching To Space at a Crawl

How NASA’s massive crawler-transporters get millions of pounds of rocket to the launchpad one inch at a time.

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The Saturn V, Wernher von Braun, and the Nazi Roots of America's Moon Rocket
More than 40 years in the making, the Saturn V rocket was born out of the bloodiest war in history but grew up to become humanity's cro…
'We Have a Liftoff': Welcome to Apollo Week

50 years ago today, three astronauts began their journey toward the moon—the world would never be the same.

How NASA Is Trying to Keep the Voyager 2 Satellite Alive

While the 42-year mission is still going, time is forcing compromise.

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UFO Flying Over New Mexico
5 Scientific Reasons for Believing in Aliens

We can't be the only ones in the vast expanse of the cosmos ... right?

System KOI-961
One Map, 4,000 Exoplanets

We've found more than 4,000 exoplanets since 1992, and this map charts the extraordinary journey.

They're Not Moons. They're Not Planets. They're Ploonets.

And they're the next great astronomical hunt.

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