A Duck-Billed Dino Is One Weird-Looking Creature

That's a nose built for some serious garden work.

Elon Musk Wants To Upgrade Our Minds Because of AI
The company wants to link humans and computers, and they say they're…
russian arctic ice
What Arctic Ice Can Tell Us About Human History

From the Dark Ages to Silicon Valley, the ice knows all.

Arctic Fox Walks 2,700 Miles From Norway to Canada
While it is not uncommon for the species to travel vast distances, t…
Giant Ancient Bird Fossil Discovered

We likely lived among these big boys back in the Pleistocene era.

Scientists Say They've Finally Made Metallic Hydrogen

It's been a goal since the 1930s. It's been claimed before, but the technology has changed.

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Scientists Spot a Giant Squid for the First Time in the U.S.

The Medusa camera system made the discovery while on its fifth deployment.

This Robotic Fish Is Powered by a 'Blood' Battery

The bot's vascular system mimics our own.

Rick Moranis in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Honey, Why Can’t We Shrink Our Kids Yet?
It’s been 30 years since Rick Moranis accidentally made his children a quarter-inch tall. So honey, why the hell are our kids still nor…
Fire on the Cuyahoga River
Smoke on the Water: 50 Years After the Cuyahoga Fire
In June 1969, a fire on Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River—the last in a series of big blazes spanning decades—spurred the government to make s…
soviet television
The Soviets Used Magnifying Glasses to Watch TV

It's a pretty good hack, all things considered.

national maglab magnet
This Is the Strongest Superconducting Magnet Ever

It can reach the strength of 45.5 Teslas, and it's smaller than a toilet paper roll.

venus flytap
Cyborg Botany Turns Plants Into Security Devices

Ever wish you could control a Venus flytrap with an app?

Study Shows There Are Surprising Benefits to Having an Extra Finger

Polydactyly may prove much more useful than previously thought.

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crispr genetics
Russian Scientist Wants to Use CRISPR to Genetically Edit Infants

“I think I’m crazy enough to do it,” says Denis Rebrikov.

This Tiny Island Is Trying to Save the World. But Why?
With an insignificant GDP and an isolated location, China’s tropical island province of Hainan has nothing to lose⁠—and everything to g…
Whoa, Look at This 40,000-Year-Old Wolf Head

The Ice Age-era beast was found in Siberia with well-preserved fur, teeth, skin, and brain tissue.

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noaa subduction
Pangea Gave Us Modern Oceans

The ancient land mass didn't just change land. The oceans were never the same after it was gone.

cat in cardboard box
Scientists Can Save Schrödinger's Cat By Predicting Quantum Jumps

Just say no to cat murder.

Opal Miner Unearths New Species of Dinosaur

This Australian man's curiosity saved the specimen from being destroyed.

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