Dutch 'Magnet Fishermen' Catch WWII Assault Rifle

There certainly are a lot of interesting things in Holland’s rivers and streams.

The U.S. Army Is Building a Smarter Land Mine
The mines must take commands from long ranges, threaten “peer threat…
Tank Transforms Into World's Largest Fruit Slicer

The stunt was part of a Russian arms show.

Drone in Flight
Russia Army is Developing Killer Drone Swarms
Fast and packing a lethal payload, the drones could overwhelm enemie…
Washington Prepares For President Trump's Speech On The Fourth Of July
All the Military Hardware at DC's 4th of July
“Salute to America” will include fly-bys from fighter jets and a tan…
Israel in pictures
Russia Is Disrupting GPS Signals and It’s Spilling into Israel

The interference is so powerful, it’s been detected by the International Space Station.

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The U.S.'s New Missile Will Counter Chinese Fighters

The AIM-260 will “out stick” enemy fighters, shooting them down before they can shoot back.

World War II Bomb Explodes 75 Years Later, Creates Massive Crater in German Field

Even though the war is long over, the dangerous ordnance still remains

Here Are All the F-35's New Upgrades

Longer range, the ability to control drone swarms, and tons of secret stuff will go into the next version of the fighter.

North Korea's Latest Nuclear Test Was More Powerful Than We Thought

The 2017 nuclear test was up to two thirds more powerful than the U.S. intelligence community estimated.

TITAN ii missile
America Never Had a Chernobyl. But It Came Close.

The U.S. kept nuclear accidents like the Damascus Incident secret for decades.

The U.S. Army’s New Rifle Comes With Tech Found in Tanks and iPhones

The Next Generation Squad Weapons have a built-in ballistics computer, facial recognition, and hydrophobic glass.

A Drone Captured Video From Inside a Rocket Artillery Barrage

And the drone survived unscathed.

Look What Star Trek Fans Accidentally Did to This M41 Walker Bulldog Tank

It was an honest, noble mistake.

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The U.S. Army Is Putting Tiny 'Black Hornet' Drones in the Hands of Troops

The Black Hornet personal reconnaissance system can fly for 25 minutes and see at night.

Explosion of Nuclear Device "Seminole" on Eniwetok
The U.S.'s Aging 'Nuclear Coffin' Is an Ecological Disaster Waiting To Happen

A lonely concrete dome on an uninhabited island in the central Pacific could end up being a very big headache for the U.S.

This New Armored Vehicle Can Launch a Swarm of Killer Drones

The “multipurpose drone launching armored vehicle” can locate and destroy targets in the same mission.

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Some Hero Strapped a Camera to a Low-Flying Missile

And the results are blisteringly fast.

This Robotic M1 Abrams Battle Tank Can Smash Through Enemy Defenses

The remote controlled vehicle does one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. military.

Satellite Startup Accidentally Spots Secret North Korean Missile Test

The new weapon strongly resembles existing Russian, South Korean short range ballistic missiles.

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