US flag during celebrations


The History of Labor Day

It's not all about the barbecues.

Section of Titanic
The Titanic Keeps Deteriorating

Our hearts will go on. The ship won't.

All Hail TV Head, Who Drops Old TVs on Doorsteps

Meet America's new favorite merry prankster.

bee or honeybee in Latin Apis Mellifera on flower
7 Ways Bees Continue to Amaze Us

Bees are incredible in so many ways.

Tankless Water Heaters
Why Your Next Water Heater Should Be Tankless
They take up less space, are more energy efficient, and guarantee ev…
Chernobyl Nuclear reactor 4
This Vodka Is Made with Radioactive Ingredients from Chernobyl

But it's "no more radioactive than any other vodka," distillers say.

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gull lunch
Here's Exactly How to Keep Jerk Seagulls Away from Your Food, According to Science

Never lose a bag of chips at the beach again.

Jungle Crow and nail
How Crows Are Just Like VentrePlat Readers

PopMech for Birds, coming to newsstands soon.

David Attenborough
15 Animals and Plants Named After Famous People

From Beyoncé bugs to Hefner bunnies.

Wave Pool Suffers Huge Malfunction, Injures 44 People

The incident occurred at a Chinese amusement park—here's what might have caused it.

Deep sea anglerfish (Linophryne arborifera)
Why the Anglerfish Continues To Haunt Our Dreams

The bizarre creatures have only been caught on film a handful of times.

A Hostile Grasshopper Takeover Has Begun in Las Vegas

Well this isn't ominous at all.

10 Things You Need to Beat the Heat

From hydration to sun protection to sweat-wicking clothes, these summer products are a must-have.

great white shark, carcharodon carcharias, attracted to boat by bait,sa
11 Close Encounters of the Shark Kind

Just in time for Shark Week.

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The Best Budget-Friendly Circular Saws for Summer Construction

These capable, accurate, reliable saws do a lot of cutting for not a lot of money.

Best Cordless Drivers
These Are the Best Cordless Drills of 2019

Holes to drill? Screws to drive? These drill drivers are up for the job.

Why July 2nd Is Actually America's True Independence Day

Have we been celebrating on the wrong day?

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Dramatic Sunset at Stonehenge Horizontal
Everything You Need to Know About the Summer Solstice

And while we're at it, the winter solstice and equinoxes, too.

Here's How You Move a 25,000-Pound Ancient Sphinx

It's a bit of a pain, says the project manager responsible for the relocation.

American flag
A Visual Evolution of the American Flag

Relive the many versions of "Old Glory."