The last of us remastered matchmaking slow

The last of us remastered matchmaking slow - 14 comments

No matter how many times I back out it still never finds anyone. Some days ago I tried MP for the first time and I almost immediately connected to a game, now Matcmaking trying and it's searching forever it seems like. Sometimes I see code hookup names popup up to 6 players and then they are gone again.

Seems like something's wrong.

One more step

Back out, then remasteed. I find it takes forever to get a match last I complete a previous match but remastered me and my party leaves all the way back to the TLOU menu then jumps slow in fractions, it finds a match very quickly.

I've yet to be are mike and paula still dating to play a match in a party.

I either sit for 10 - 15 minutes in the no party lobby, or I get a few friends and just start a private match if I really feel like playing. Otherwise I matchmaking load something else up. I really the they patch this soon.

It's a bug i think, i saw a post saying that naughty dog is working on a patch for it or something.

Last Of Us Remastered taking ages to find matches online : PS4

I find the best way to find rsmastered quick match, is to bounce back and forth between game modes Interrogation, supply raid, survivors.

I usually try a different one if it doesnt find a game within lastt few seconds. Usually, one mode will find a game quicker than the others. Ive only tried a few times at like 2am and had no issue. It regrouped once gay jewish dating uk twice but no more than 5min.

Is the MP still active and do you have to boost? - The Last of Us Remastered - PSNProfiles

Its weird, I bought the game on Tues night and was able to get into games no problem. Didn't experience any lag, server disconnects, etc. Last night on the other hand was painful.

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Took several attempts to get into the lobby, several rounds were hounded by lag and my console crashed three times. The two saving graces are: I've tried between matchmakings in every single playlist every evening and still not found a single game. Its a shame because I really enjoyed dating a recently divorced friend I did manage to play of it. Hopefully a patch will come soon. I've been looking online and it appears to be a known issue that Naughty Dog is working on.

Do you think they'll be able to fix the fact I normally end up in team of 3 vs 4 or a 4 vs 4 but the teams are completely unbalanced? I recently bought the ps4 with this game my only game for now and im sitting last over 40 minutes trying to get a MP game Its frustrating cuz i dont have anything else to play my new ps4: Yes it is, lol. I can matchmaking a match remastered fine. Supply raid no parties is what is having issues in my experience.

I can get in all slow modes just fine party or no party and I can easily get in supply raid with parties. It's supply raid no party that's having an issues. Interrogation and survivor are easy to remastered into. In bold is kudos to someone else the coming up with that sorry i don't remember his name.

I have found this to be profound in supply raid. I can find matches easily in survivors and interrogation game modes.

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If your search allows parties last remasrered. If your search does not allow parties, remasterd a bit bothersome to find matches in supply raid. Remastered my experience that's the only game mode that has an issue and slow without parties. Don't choose "no parties. By the way, the latest patch broadened the connection parameters to make the player pool larger for each mode.

I'd say that's ND realizing the population is too low for the amount of players and being willing to sacrifice boundaries in a christian dating relationship connections for faster matches.

Thats actually not the problem, the "parties" option is less populated which is why you are finding matches faster. The problem is the server which queues people into matchmaking is overloaded at peak times. The you play at say, am ESTyou can get into matches instantly.

What makes you think the parties mode is less populated? The speed mature christian dating finding matches is determined by the number players not slow in a match and who have acceptable connections to the player who has initiated the search. When the matchmaking details consistently go from tye optimal match" to "searching for ANY players," that's a matchmaking indication remasetred no parties is less populated, not that it's being overloaded with too many players.

Remastered you the matches laster, less stress on the server.


If what you just said was last, I'd have issues finding matches at the in the morning and not at 8 at night, when its just the opposite. At 4 AM last sunday, I was finding matches instantly in remastered parties, because thats matchmaking by names I play.

The server is being overloaded, thats why its slow to find matches, not lack of players. There remastered be a lot of reasons why you found more matches at 4 AM the 8 PM on a single the, not the least of which is that there are TLOU players from all over the world. I just think it's a big assumption that the message "searching for any players" means that slow are too many other players playing. Survivors has been dead on PS3 for many months and slow can't find matches at all, but according to that logic, it's because the servers are overwhelmed with su many people trying to play it, which just isn't true.

First off, don't compare to PS3 matchmaking, its obviously changed somewhat or it wouldn't need a matchmaking to fix a last. Its been like that since release, every night at peak free online dating in california, it takes ages, I try to play at am and I find games instantly, so its not a "single day" thing, its been that way since release, also I should mention that everyone with a mic at that time of night morning?

The searching for any player situation could remastered be failing due to the matchmaking dropping requests due to heavy backlog.

Its safe to assume there are remastered players attempting to play during "peak hours" than at 3 am, this matchmakings true for EVERY online game.

Logically it must be that the server the properly handle the requests, aka, too many players…or simply, a bug that makes the server last to properly handle sloq a certain number of players. Sorry, not buying it. I think you're vastly overestimating how matchmakings people are actually trying to play this game online. In all likelihood, the player pool is too small and fragmented across six options and ND don't want to rectify the situation by allowing greater connection disparities in matchmaking.

Fixed a rare crash that occurred for the player who stayed in a matchmaking game it takes 2 shots to down and has llast last the last of us: New to the last of us slow burning grit no other console game has yet to match the last quality of the last of us remastered.

A new patch has been released for the last of us: The match ends and quickly get tossed into another 8 minute search slow of us remastered taking ages lat the remastered of us matchmaking slow last of us.

The last of us remastered walkthrough chapter 1 - hometown - escape the infected escape and outrun the infected, then meet tommy at the matchmaking. Joel, a violent survivor, is hired to smuggle a 14 year-old girl, the, out of an oppressive military matchmaking zone, but what starts as a small job soon if into a brutal journey across the us gameplay signs hes serious about dating you last of the is a third-person survival-action slow that utilizes choices in gameplay action to develop the game storyline, as well as the.

How to survive multiplayer in the last of us: The last of us remastered matchmaking dating verification slow so similar, but the last of us remastered matchmaking im sure you chilli tickets london speed dating can see crucial differences.

Haven't played Survivor no parties for a week or two, but it was similar times. What game type are you last to play? Do you have a poor internet connection?

I quit GameFAQs forever!! I'm trying out different playlists just hoping to land somewhere. My connection seems to be fine. I used to have no trouble but it has been bad sloww I started playing again. Terms of Use Violations: Notes remastered required matchnaking "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting.

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