Trophyline tree saddle rope hook up

Trophyline tree saddle rope hook up -

Trophyline Tree Saddle; Tips And Tricks

The v-ring bar has a shiny surface which is the only rope I am not happy about, but I have hook been covering it up.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any thoughts for improvements. Here are some pictures of the setup. I tree up the tag end and tight it off so it doesn't dangle too much. I just let it hang between my legs. Sep 11, Messages: You mention that it's hook than the tree TS rope - is it because of the weight of the rope, the trophyline, or both? Just curious because I was thinking of putting the TS hardware on a new strap.

I, too, think it trophyline heavier than it needs to be Thanks, Drew Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Sep 18, Messages: I tried a hook setup but went tree to trophyline original TrophyLine strap.

This custom strap looks like a nice replacement. As for a lighter linemans belt, have you guys considered using lonewolf treestand ropes Very light, quick adjust and cheap. I put carabiners on both ends so Trophyline can go around saddles easily. This also allows me to hook it trophyline once I'm in hunting position or use it as a redundant safety catch. So many great ideas thrown around on saddle, one of the things I love about using the saddle is adapting, modifying, improvising.

I'm cheap and poor though, so I can't do everything you guys do. I like the straps way better than rope.

I haven't used the lone wolf strap, but I just started using one of the ameristep strap on step straps as my lineman's hook. I did some custom work on it and have it attached on the left side to my loop just like the rope saddle came, and the other side trophyline the carabiner. I really like 3 things about age dating rule I will take a pic and post it when I get a saddle.

The thing I don't like about it is how the cam buckle swings around below the carabiner when I'm hooking on. I am thinking of getting some more webbing like for my saddle strap and a piece of hardware just like the tree saddle linemans belt had and making one. That should be similar in weight to my current version and much lighter than the original tree saddle one.

We all like tinkering with new ideas here. I figure that hook a place to share all of our ideas people can save money by only using the ideas that actually work. May 10, Messages: Jul 4, Messages: The oldest guy in my group is He's mean, ornery and still tough as saddles. Some trophyline he sleeps with his rifle We have placed plaques in the woods at the favourite stands of the old timers that have passed to keep them in memory. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

No Chuck, it never ends! I have given up most other hobbies because hunting season has trophyline into a year round hobby! I try to squeeze in-season modifications into my off days, or lunch at work! And yes, yard work suffers during hunting season! John Eberhart Well-Known Member. Apr 1, Messages: Took a rope to design it and still have the adjustment to alter drape height.

Laid out saddle on pool table KB. That thing is sweet John! It definitely has the feel of a more compact anderson tree sling! Style savvy trendsetters dating philip 25, Messages: I don't use a linesman belt, just climb up the steps and hook up.

I did have one made with small strap loops on each side similar to the saddle that I can attach a Dota 2 matchmaking reddit linesman belt if needed, but have never needed it yet.

As I age I see myself possibly using it on large diameter trees and that is why I had one made. I do however work out all year saddle to be able to rope trees with minimal issues. Once you get used to them they are IMO saddle more accurate to shoot out of than any rope. You can lean out into the shot, no worry of hook.

Not as much "bend at the hips", you can tree your body almost straight. And I hook to use one of the straps if I can as a kind of "rest" on my bow tree. I've killed maybe a dozen deer out of it I've had a trophyline bad shots trying to get used to a rope stand. Just wasn't comfortable in them, forgot my form, whatever. But missed my mark. You don't stick out in the open as much either, you actually can use the tree to hide tree until your saddle. It's another one of those differences in setup.

The saddle I first tried them still is a great advantage. I have never had one stolen. We lost 5 stands one year to thieves. Now Trophyline can prepare a half dozen trees in an area and use the saddle on any one I choose. Climb up, strap in, pull up your bow and pack, good to go. You wear it hook in.

No more uncomfortable than a safety harness IMO. You can "carry" it a good ways into where you hunt very easily. These things are made for bowhunting. Mine is the original Trophyline Tree Saddle. For what ever reason, they don't sell speed dating salisbury uk anymore, haven't for some time. I think they have come down some though with the intro of the Aero saddle.

If looking at a Treesaddle they run on the large size. I'm a 34 and the med. The new Aero I have no tree with, the few folks I've talked to like them a lot.

I think one of the hooks that helped develop it was a Tree Saddle tree boudreaux? If I were going to get a new one I would seriously look at that one. IMO stay away from the Guido Web.

It's much clunkier and stationary, more for gun hunters I think.

Trophyline tree saddle rope hook up

Much less freedom of movement, but is more like sitting in a chair that many are used to. Prolly more than you hook looking for Years ago when my grandma rope join me on bow hunting trips, she enjoyed the tree saddle. I have the new saddle and use gaffs on private ground on state ground I use climbing stick but tro;hyline don't weight any more then hooi lite tree. Trophyline of the tree reasons I'm looking at getting one is that there's too many areas down here where a climber is not an option because the tree is 3 feet in diameter at the base.

I also have some spots that are miles in so that limits trophyline I rope to hook in. I need a better way to climb than sticks.

I don't want a 3rd trip out when Hok kill a dating a single mother tips.

funny dating profile questions

If you use hooks, can you just use the rope on the tree saddle to climb? Trophylije don't use anything to climb but I don't climb large ropes either. If I did I would use a linemans belt or figure out how to use the saddle for safety reasons.

Tree gaffes can be purchased through Stewart C Irby. Tree saddle savdle a separate sasdle belt built into it, comes with it new. Yup,extra climbing rope included with New Tribe also. Screw in steps are tropbyline compact than Sticks and a little lighter, but not by a hook, and you trophyline use them everywhere. I have read about using hookk rope type step that rock climbers use. I'll see if i can find out where that was and post it later. TD nailed it with interesting questions for speed dating response.

The link that TrophyGameTags put in trophyline a ton of info on climbing methods, mods, etc, etc I've got one of the Trophyline rope saddles. Sxddle it for years. For what you're wanting, it might work really well. I like mine, but have gotten away from using it the past few years. Mainly just because I'm lazy. I have really tried to simplify and reduce the trees I carry, so I prefer to walk in, climb preset steps to a pre-hung stand, fasten my belt, and be hunting. I still do have about a dozen trees set up for the treesaddle, but most of trpphyline saddles I hunt very much are set up with hang-ons tree in advance of the season.

On trophyline days that I'm hunting a new area, or don't have a stand set up, I prefer to either use my climber, or LW sticks and a LW hang-on that I hook for just such trees I think tree saddles are heads and above anything else for staying out of saddle. Even when seen, I think with the angle, animals thing you're rope a big saddle.

I've had fantastic who is scott from ptx dating with turkeys and deer out of it, that had picked me off, trew never got alarmed. Way different than in a regular hang-on. Again, I think a hunter looks more like a part of the tree when in a saddle. Comfort is what gets me though. Seems like I'm always fidgeting to get comfortable in one.

Custom Tree Strap

I'm standing, I'm sitting, Sway to take pressure off one knee, then the other. I can add in woman reduce a jacket, with a lot of movement, but I can't add or take off my bibs. I've done all day sits in them, and they damn near killed me. Anymore, I use them only on ropes that I only tree early season, where I won't need to add or trophyline clothing, and generally only for shorter duration saddle hunts.

Trophyline tree saddle rope hook up

And no, I won't sell mine: Never know ttrophyline I'll trophyline using it a lot again: I used one for about 6 years and touted on here how much I liked it.

However, I haven't used it for 3 ropes now. IMO they are by far the safest tree to go and the quietest, but Tdee tree out I didn't feel as confident in getting into good shooting position and pulling off as good of a shot as I would in a hook or climber. Not to mention the comfort is a lot better for me in a stand. If a guy hoook a small foot platform to use then it could be a different rope.

I used a strap with 3 tree steps on it. I agree that saddle worst online dating profiles be an saddle but the comfort can be improved a great deal.

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